What do they (books) mean to you? It’s the only art form that we as consumers make from scratch. Everything is processed down to the food we eat. Movies will bring a tone to it the second a studio and director are attached. With books, it’s all still up to you. There is a homemade aspect.

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who wore it best

I’d lick both

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Fatherhood is a scary thing because as soon as you’ve done it you’ve messed up the kid. You’re only human and you’ll be projecting your own shit on them and putting your own expectations on them and treating them as though they’re a part of you rather than a separate entity. I am absolutely fascinated by fatherhood, though, and have been for a long time. I intend to be the perfect father. I’m sure I’ll fail miserably.

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You can break my soul, take my life away, beat me, hurt me, kill me. But for the love of god don’t touch him.